Shipwreck Map Editor

Shipwreck is the 3D map editor I built for my undergraduate project at Oxford under the supervision of Dr. Stephen Cameron. I subsequently upgraded it for use in my homemade hesperus game engine. This is currently a placeholder page, but anyone looking for the latest version of Shipwreck can download it as part of hesperus.

Project Report


Quick Start
  1. Clone the hesperus git repository with ‘git clone’.
  2. Switch to the correct branch using ‘git checkout upgrade-shipwreck’.
  3. Change to the Shipwreck subdirectory.
  4. Unzip the correct JOGL library for your platform from libraries/setup/jogl into libraries/jogl.
  5. Build Shipwreck using ‘ant’.
  6. Run Shipwreck using ‘ant run’.
  • I haven’t tested the new Ant build on all platforms yet, which is why it’s still on a branch. If you run into any trouble, you can also build from the master branch using the provided build.bat/ scripts and then run Shipwreck using the run.bat/ scripts.
  • The original version of Shipwreck (from the end of my undergraduate project, when it was still called MapEditor) can be found here.

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