Supervision Experience

As a Postdoctoral Research Assistant, I do not currently have formal supervisory responsibilities. However, I have assisted Professor Philip Torr by helping to supervise the following in an informal capacity:

DPhil Students

  • Rodrigo de Bem. Rodrigo’s work is focused on markerless human pose estimation from monocular RGB images.
  • Jack Hunt. Jack’s initial work was focused on motion segmentation in 3D scenes, with an emphasis on identifying parts of the scene that were moving during reconstruction in order to train classifiers for object detection. His current work is focused on 3D object reconstruction.
  • Daniela Massiceti. Daniela was focusing at the time on localising the pose of a camera with respect to objects in a 3D scene.
  • Luca Bertinetto. Luca was focusing at the time on object tracking using correlation filters.

CDT Projects

  • Kevin Judd. Audio-Visual Classification to Inform Semantic Scene Segmentation. CDT Project, Department of Engineering Science, Oxford, June 2016.

Undergraduate/Masters Projects

  • Laurynas Miksys. Real-Time Object Shape Prediction in Images. MSc project, Department of Computer Science, Oxford, August 2017.
  • Qi Liu. 3D Shooting Game AI Using Reinforcement Learning. MEng Project, Department of Engineering Science, Oxford, May 2015.


  • Jeet Kanjani. Jeet was focusing at the time on 3D human pose estimation.

University of Oxford